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Welcome to BrightStat!
Getting Started - Getting Started

NEW: Visualizer app for android, iPhone and iPad, and Windows Phone 8

Citation of BrightStat:

Stricker, D. (2008). BrightStat.com: Free statistics online. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 92, 135-143.  (abstract)

Free online application for statistical analysis

Thank you for choosing BrightStat. Besides the core application, you'll find many useful tips for your statistics on this site. BrightStat is for free. Just create your account and use BrightStats' full capacities...


Take a look at the Demonstration of the core application.

Tests running on BrightStat so far:

  • Non-parametric Tests: Binomial Test, kxl Chi-Square (likelihood Ratio, Phi, Cramer's V, Kendall's tau-b and tau-c, Cohen's Kappa), McNemar (McNemar exact, likelihood Ratio, Phi, Cramer's V, Symmetric Measures), Fisher's Exact Test, Cochran, Mann-Whitney U, Kruskal-Wallis  (paired comparisons for post-hoc analysis), Wilcoxon, Sign, Friedman (Conover Statistic and paired comparison for post-hoc analysis), Kolmogorov-Smirnov one sample (Uniform, Normal and Exponential, Lilliefors correction for test against normality), Kolmogorov-Smirnov two sample.
  • Parametric Tests: One-Sample T-test, Two independent Samples T-test (Levene test for homogeneity of variances), Two dependent Samples T-test (paired correlations), One-Way ANOVA (Duncan, Tukey HSD, Scheffe, Games-Howell),Repeated One-Way ANOVA (estimation of Epsilon, LowerBound, Greenhouse-Geisser, Huynh-Feldt), ANOVA univariate (Type III and weighted means sum of squares, Levene test for homogeneity of variances, Eta squared and partial Eta squared, critical differences (Tukey and Scheffe) for post-hoc analysis), ANOVA Split-plot (Test for Sphericity, Leven test for homogeneity of variances, Post-hoc Critical differences Tukey and Scheffé, balanced designs only, up to 2 within and 2 between factors), Pearson Bivariate Correlations, Spearman Rankcorrelations, Multiple Linear Regression (Correlationmatrix, Model-Fit, ANOVA-Table and Parameter Estimates, Part and Partial Correlations, Collinearity Diagnostic, Change Statistics, Methods: Enter, Forward, Backward and Step), Logistic Regression (Parameter Estimates, Iteration History, Save Probabilities, Influence and Residuals), Reliability Analysis (including Correlationmatrix, Covariancematrix, ANOVA-F-Table, Item statistics, Item Total-statistics, Scale-statistics, Summaries, Hotelling T-Squared, Tukey test for nonadditivity, Intraclass correlations. Models: Alpha, split-half, Guttman, parallel, strict-parallel), One-Sample Variance Test, k-Sample Variance Test (Levene's Test for homogeneity of Variances).
  • Survival Analysis: Kaplan Meier (incl. Stratum, Factor, Log-Rank, Breslow, Tarone-Ware Tests, Test for linear trend, Plots)

BrightStat already comes along with many useful features for data handling and manipulation, statistics and data managing, all packed in an easy to use interface. XML based data and output structures simplify the future development of external viewers.


BrightStat was developed by Dr. Daniel Stricker. From the beginning on BrightStat was planned to run on the net, freely accessible. The aim was to provide a statistic tool with many capabilities, yet easy to use. BrightStat is expanded continually. So don't forget to come back again to see what has been added.

Features of BrightStat
Getting Started - Getting Started

Useful Features 

BrightStat comes along with many useful features, for data analysis, data manipulation and graphical output.

High quality Graphs 

Since BrightStat is a Adobe Macromedia Flash (TM) application, it's especially useful for graphical output. If you have installed a pdf printer (get free one) you can print your output directly into a pdf-format file preserving your high quality high resolution graphs. Graphs are customizable. Define Minimum, Maximum and Stepsize for each Axis, choose different line, symbol or bar styles and adjust colors, format labels and titles, define error-bars, etc.. And Save your Preferences.

Modular Design 

BrightStat comes in modules. So you only download what you really need. The main application is only about 0.6 MB in size.


Data and Output are XML-based. Easy to handle and understand. This enables the development of data and output viewers for other applications.





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Graph Export fixed

You may now export graphs again up to a size limit of 1 megapixels.

Thanks for supporting my work